Ingredient Sheets

The Ingredients sheets are located on each dedicated product website. Click on the brand name to see the full list. 


Buster is a range of plughole care products which unblock, clean, sanitise and eliminate odours from sinks, overflows, plugholes and pipes.  


The Knaus technology cleaning range has been specifically developed to clean and maintain modern-day-life home technology. 

Bin Buddy

Bin Buddy is the No.1 Choice for bin care, an innovative range of products designed to kill and repel flies and other insects, and to keep your bins and bin bags smelling great. 

Buster Professional

A range of professional plughole care products for kitchen, bath and shower to clear blockages, sanitise and remove smells. 


Boost’s concentrated formula enhances your favourite washing detergent to create a power cleaner for when your laundry is heavily soiled or stained.